Thursday, August 16, 2012

This Infographic Explains Why Women Should Leave the Christian Church

This Infographic Explains Why Women Should Leave the Christian Church:
The Barna Group (The “Gallup” of the Christian world) just released a survey they did with Christian women to see how they feel about church and their role in it. I’ve highlighted a few of the more disappointing findings… (click to enlarge):

Barna Group president David Kinnaman is someone who does a lot of good work in informing Christians what they look like to non-Christians. But I was disappointed in the way he framed the findings, presumably so Christian church leaders (i.e. Men) would listen:
Kinnaman also cautions that the research “should not be equated to customer service research, where church leaders try to keep their most committed constituents — women — happy. Instead, the study should be an invitation to better understand how both women and men work together to form a more Christ-like community.”
More bluntly: “I’m not saying you should try to make sure women are treated equally in your church… That would be ridiculous! Just do a better job of making sure women know their place and are content about it.”

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